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Monday, August 12, 2013

We're Famous! Kinda!

 A couple months ago the bog was linked on reddit where "carkoon" wrote:

"When it hit theaters, you couldn't sell toys and other products fast enough to keep up, which led to things like the famous 'Action Display Stand' that you could buy in order to hold a future place for figurines when they came out."

Of course, carkoon was referring not to the Action Display Stand, but to the "Early Bird Certificate Package" that has been comprehensively documented by collectors and others over the years. So the link was sort of a mistake, but I have to thank carkoon for the "link juice" as that post of mine got over 7,000 hits as  a result ;-)

More importantly, we got a shout-out from Skye and Steve in their Star Wars Vintage Pod 'Chive Cast #38. We're mentioned around the 32:40 minute mark of the show. Noted collector Duncan Jenkins (of Gus and Duncan fame) said:

"It looks really nice... really enjoyable."

Skye said:

"I get the sense that most of what he does is play with his toys and take pictures" but added "[that's] pretty admirable" so I'll take it ;-)

Anyway, thanks for the shout-outs, Internet!

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