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Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Jabba the Hutt Dungeon Action Playset

One of the later releases from Jedi was the Jabba the Hutt Dungeon Action Playset. Clearly this was one of Kenner's final desperate efforts, as it not only included three action figures, but it also recycled most of its content from the earlier Star Wars Droid Factory playset.

I wanted to spotlight this set in particular, for a few reasons. It features some more of that classic Kenner package design that I can't get enough of, as well as the great "bonus" seal call-out on the front. In addition, this set is probably the most complete playset I have in my collection - as you will see, it includes absolutely everything that originally came in the box (bar the packing cardboard) ;-)

Great honking piece of tape sealing the box, as you often see with vintage Kenner...

"Hey kids! Here's how you can make 8D8 torture Artoo-Detoo!" Step-by-step torture instructions are always helpful.

Free figure offer is prominently displayed. The classic yellow and blue seal on the box front looks awesome as well.

Instruction sheet, reply card and used sticker sheet was also included in the box :-)

Figures in original Kenner baggies. Although the baggies were opened, it was done in such a way as to preserve the original sealed appearance. I love when the original owners do that!

Free figures roaming in their intended habitat. 8D8 is ready to pull down the torture arm, cleverly modified from the factory boom from the original "Droid Factory" playset.

Who the heck are these guys now?? Strangely enough, the Jabba Dungeon set was recycled yet AGAIN with a late release that included three free Power of the Force figures: EV-9D9, Barada, and Amanaman.  I've set them up with the Dungeon to give an idea of what the later PotF set would look like in a play scenario.

The PotF figures do look good, don't they? Even Amanaman is starting to grow on me a bit, but Barada is cool and EV-9D9 is one of my favourites with her cool moving jaw piece. "You're a feisty one..."

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